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Ramon Ray, small business expert

Unapologetically not boring.

Ramon inspires with high energy.

Ramon (Ruh-moan) is unapologetically positive and high-energy. He's an in-demand motivational speaker and event host; and a leading expert on personal branding and small business growth. Ramon's a serial entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses and sold 3 of them.

Ramon helps business owners get more attention and build more trust. Once accomplished they earn the right to get more sales.


Get Ramon's Celebrity CEO™ blueprint at 

He's the publisher of and Ramon is easy to work with (says his clients) and is constantly rated "5 stars" by event attendees.


Highly engaging and highly informative.

Ramon's most requested speaking themes include:

  • Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers (how to sell and market better)

  • Get Better Customers, Be the Celebrity CEO (how to start and build your personal brand).

  • Social Media Marketing Works. Here's How (Ramon shares his blueprint for using social media to get the attention of your perfect customer).

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Ramon (Ruh-moan) Ray is a small business expert, who is an in-demand thought leader on personal branding as a tool for small business success. He inspires and educates thousands of business owners a year through his articles, podcasts, and in-demand media interviews.

Ramon is the founder of (sold) and (sold).


He's a contributor to, and a host at Breakfast with Champions.
He is a successful entrepreneur, in-demand, motivational speaker and event host.
Ramon has started 5 businesses and sold 3 of them.
Ramon's authored five books, including "Celebrity CEO". Audiences around the world are inspired by his high energy and ability to connect and care.

FUN Facts about Ramon (Ruh-moan)...

  • Invited to the White House to speak about personal branding to the staff of the Executive Office of the President

  • Testified to the US Congress about small business growth

  • Shared the stage with celebrity business thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • Founder, SmartHustle.comS

  • Fired from the United Nations

  • Interviewed the President of the United States

  • Graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy

  • Piano player

  • Interviewed all five Shark Tank Sharks

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"...Ramon's so easy to work with..."

"He's our most requested speaker!"

"Our attendees are always inspired and energized
after Ramon's talks!"

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Celebrity CEO is the recipe business owners need to build their brand, nurture their fans and get customers to buy from them again and again and again.

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Watch Ramon Inspire

Ramon Ray - Sizzle Video
Human Connections in a Digital World
What Is Personal Branding?


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