Ramon is a sought after global keynote speaker, event host, best selling author, entrepreneur and....part time actor.  He's started four companies, sold two and is an in-demand commentator on marketing, technology and more. He loves burnt pancakes and bacon, on the weekends.
If you're looking to have someone inspire, energize, and inform the attendees at your next event, ask Ramon to speak. His latest book is "Celebrity CEO - How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand"
Ramon is the founder of Smart Hustle Media.
He's been to the White House to present to the President's staff; testified to Congress; graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy; and worked at the United Nations.
Ramon's interviewed President Obama in the President's first live video chat and was with Ivanka Trump in India for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit!
Ramon has years of hands-on experience in marketing, sales, personal branding, technology and more.
He most enjoys traveling the world helping audiences grow their businesses.
Ramon is an in-demand, fun and insightful speaker to entrepreneurs, business owners, young professionals and college students.
If you're looking for an easy to work with and highly rated keynote speaker - ask Ramon.
If you're a journalist looking for input on a story - ask Ramon.
If you're a business owner looking for help - ask Ramon.
Featured in major media and works with amazing brands!​

Ramon Ray

KEYNOTE Speaker. Entrepreneur. Author.

High Energy.



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