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Influencer Marketing Clinic
May 24th - Thur - 1pm EST - Online

Learn how you can leverage the power of INFLUENCERS

to amplify your brand,  tell your story and enhance your credibility.

As sales, advertising and content creation get more challenging, it's the power of influencer marketing that will help your brand get attention and drive loyalty.

Influencers have their own trusted communities and they have the power to "transfer" that trust to your brand and help you identify new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers.

Hear actual CASE studies that will help you understand how influencer marketing can apply to YOUR brand.


Includes Workbook, and Recording. 
If you cannot attend live, don't worry.
Your ticket gives you access to the
on-demand recording.

Influencer Marketing Clinic

What Will You Learn?

Why Influencer Marketing

Make the case to your executives and senior managers on why influencer marketing is so important. This session will help YOU understand how it can benefit your brand and organization.

How To Choose Your Influencer

Get real life examples and best practice strategies for how you can choose the influencer or influencers that are best for your brand. What are the pitfalls to look out for and how to ensure success!

Influencer Compensation: Beyond Money

Yes, influencers should compensated. However, influencer compensation is not a restaurant menu of fees. Here's how you can consider understanding what an influencer really wants and how you can budget for them.

Metrics of Success

How can you measure the success of your influencer campaign and influencer relationship? How do you know if it's working? What should you expect from the influencer? What should you not expect?

Creator Economy Channels

What do you need to understand about the creator channels and where your brand will be amplified. Social audio. Video. Blogs. Podcasts. Fireside, Clubhouse? YouTube? Instagram, TikTok? What are the channels you need to understand? NFTS? Metaverse? We'll explore these channels and more.

Hiring An Influencer Marketing Agency

You can engage an influencer directly or you can work with an influencer marketing agency to help identify, hire and manage the relationship. What should you look for when working with an agency? How to identify the agency that can work best with your brand?

Micro Influencers and Mega Influencers?

Does it matter if an influencer has a LARGE following? Does it matter if the influencer has a smaller following? How do you determine when size or follower count matters and when it might not matter so much.

Our Speakers

These are just a few of our amazing speakers...more pending...

(Please note - agenda and speakers are subject to change)


Includes Workbook, and Recording

If you cannot attend live, don't worry.
Your ticket gives you access to the
on-demand recording.

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